1857, Snap-In Plastic V-Groove Plastic Bearing - .468" X 0.940" X .281" (WOR)

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This KMS bearing features a deep groove radial ball bearing construction. The design enables the bearing to handle radial and minimal axial loading. As a bonus, the bearing is designed with an integrated self-mounting "snap in" inner race. It was originally designed for a soda vending machine application for beverage bottle dispensing. This bearing is constructed with acetal plastic for the races and fitted with SS316 balls. The bearing is mounted in the side wall of a moving carriage that carries a bottle from the shelf to the dispensing hole of the vending machine. This bearing can be used in any application that needs roller or wire guides to support a tray, rack or rails. A simple round hole is all that is required to mount this bearing. MADE IN THE U.S.A

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Light weight - low start up torque
  • Ease of mounting
  • Reduced parts
  • Maintenance free
  • Rotate freely
  • Cost Savings

Additional Information

Inch Metric inch
ID (in) .468 in Mounting Hole
OD (in) 0.940
Width (in) .695 in Width of Inner Ring, .281 in Width of Outer Ring
Dynamic Load Capacity (LBS) 26
Static Load Capacity (LBS) 17
Standard Bearing Type Acetal races with SS316 balls
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Case Study

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Customizable Design: Custom designs are readily and inexpensively made from plastics. This allows engineers complete freedom to design the bearing around the device rather than attempting to design the device around a limited range of standard bearings.

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