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KMS plastic conveyor & skatewheel ball bearings are used in conveyor applications where conventional steel bearings are not suitable. They are designed to be maintenance free and operate without lubrication allowing them to be washed down for today’s sanitary requirements. Plastic race bearings improve the performance and capabilities over the conventional steel bearings while providing a substantial cost savings with reduced down time and longer life.

skatewheel conveyor bearings

bearings for skatewheel conveyors

Critical Design features: Acetal (POM) or Polypropylene (PP) plastic races fitted with either 316 stainless or polymer balls. Features a single row True Race Technology™ ball groove construction for optimum load, and free spin capability.

Conveyor Ball Bearings
Skatewheel Ball Bearings

Additional reasons for use:

  • Low friction: A KMS plastic race cnveyor orskatewheel bearings will mnaturally have a lower coefficient of friction than a metal to metal ball bearings
  • Weight Savings: A KMS plastic skatewheel ball bearing is 1/5 the weight of a steel skatewheel bearing thereby reducing the weight of your overall unit.
  • Value added capability: A KMS plastic conveyor or skatewheel ball bearing can be designed to include mounting features such as a hex bore or pulley groove to outer This 
    capability can reduce assembly time while improving the performance of your product. 

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Plastic Vs Steel

Product Integration: A plastic bearing can be mounted into other components or parts such as plastic wheels, pulleys or housings. In certain design concepts, seamless integration can be achieved where the bearing will have the pulley profile as the outer ring, and the shaft or a fixing clip replaces the inner ring . This integration lowers assembly time and also results in utilization of fewer parts, increasing affordability.

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