Bearings for Packaging & Bottling Equipment

packaging-bottlingpackaging-bottling2A KMS mounted block, Pillow, 2 or 4 hole flanged block can be fitted with either a 316 stainless or acetal ball bearing or UHMW Sleeve type bearing. They can run without lubrication, and can be washed down to meet sanitary requirements without the worry of rust or re-lubrication. A KMS block and bearing is the only mounted unit that can run submerged in liquids without lubrication and locking up due to contamination and clogging.

Critical design features: Our bearing races are made from either a engineering grade polymer or type 316 stainless for ultra corrosion resistance.

Bearing construction features TRUE RACE TECHNOLOGY™ ball grooves and FLOW-THRU TECHNOLOGY™ fpl 4 bolt block with (ssb) 316 stainless bearingbearing construction for increased life and performance.

Additional reasons for use:

  • Lower friction: A plastic race bearing will naturally have a lower coefficient of friction than a metal to metal ball bearing.
  • Polymer mounted blocks will not chip, peel or rust.  Click here for additional information on our polymer mounted blocks and bearings.
  • Hygienic: Where high standards of cleanliness are important, such as in the food industry, their smooth surfaces are much more hygienic than those of cast iron blocks where rough surfaces can harbor objectionable mold or bacteria.


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nfl 2 bolt block plastic ball bearingppl pillow block


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Plastic Vs Steel

Shock Absorption: Plastic absorbs shock loads better than metal due to its elastic nature. Many conventional ball bearings fail due to Brinelling of the raceway, i.e. balls denting the raceways.

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