Integrated Bearings for Medical Devices

integrated bearingsmedical devicesA plastic radial ball bearing is used in a robotic catheter positioning controller system.  A plastic ball bearing was chosen because it could be integrated with the pulley drive system to allow it to fit into a limited space. The bearing can be sterilized and disposed of after a single use procedure. The plastic ball bearing’s ability to run without lubrication, and not rust was ideal for this medical application.

Critical Design Features: PBT polyester plastic races fitted with 316 stainless balls. Double Bearing construction features True Race Technology™ ball grooves, and cage type construction for reduced friction and smooth performance.

integrated bearing

Additional reasons for use:

  • A KMS plastic ball bearing is 1/5 the weight of a steel bearing requiring less torque for operation and reduced overall weight.
  • Nonmetallic options available.


Plastic Vs Steel

Lightweight: Plastic is five times lighter than steel, thereby reducing the weight and energy to move them.

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