Integrated Bearings for Medical Devices

integrated bearingsA plastic radial ball bearing is used in a robotic catheter positioning controller system.  A plastic ball bearing was chosen because it could be integrated with the pulley drive system to allow it to fit into a limited space. The bearing can be sterilized and disposed of after a single use procedure. The plastic ball bearing’s ability to run without lubrication, and not rust was ideal for this medical application.

Critical Design Features: PBT polyester plastic races fitted with 316 stainless balls. Double Bearing construction features True Race Technology™ ball grooves, and cage type construction for reduced friction and smooth performance.

integrated bearing

Additional reasons for use:

  • A KMS plastic ball bearing is 1/5 the weight of a steel bearing requiring less torque for operation and reduced overall weight.
  • Nonmetallic options available.


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Plastic Vs Steel

Product Integration: A plastic bearing can be mounted into other components or parts such as plastic wheels, pulleys or housings. In certain design concepts, seamless integration can be achieved where the bearing will have the pulley profile as the outer ring, and the shaft or a fixing clip replaces the inner ring . This integration lowers assembly time and also results in utilization of fewer parts, increasing affordability.

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