316 Stainless Steel Conveyor Bearings

KMS 316 Stainless Conveyor ball bearings feature our standard ball bearing construction for light weight, free turning to meet the demands of today’s low incline conveyors.

Made from corrosion resistant Food and Medical grade 316 stainless, they can be washed down, becoming maintenance free and requiring no lubricant. They can be used in standard industrial tube and pipe sizes for use in conveyor systems. See chart below.



Tube Size and Description

Bearing Selections

1" PVC, 1" ID x 1.315 O.D., 1" PVC, sch. 40.

CB312-1.0 in Single Row (SR)
Double row (DR), Plastic or 316 Stainless races.

1-1/2 Schedule 80 PVC (.200 wall thickness)


1-1/2 Schedule 40 PVC (.150 wall thickness)

CB437 - 1.6

1.9 Steel, 9 gauge (9 gauge = .148 wall)

2.0 Steel, 12 gauge (12 gauge = .109 wall)


2.0 Steel (16 gauge = .065 wall thickness)


2.0 PVC, Schedule 40 (.150 wall thickness)

CB437 or 687 - 2.05

2 1/2 Steel, 11 gauge (.120 wall thickness)

CB4376 or 687 - 2.26

This bearing and tube guide is intended to be a practical guide for selection. Consult with tube/pipe manufacturer for actual dimensions held in production lots.

Single Row
stainless steel conveyor ball bearings

Double Row
wash down conveyor bearings

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Plastic Vs Steel

Lightweight: Plastic is five times lighter than steel, thereby reducing the weight and energy to move them.

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