Bearing Prototypes and Samples

Prototypes and Samples

Idea to Reality™

3d printed bearing prototypesKMS wants you to feel confident before you commit to your production needs. We can supply test samples from our stock when available, or complete specials for a nominal lot charge. Our Design and Manufacturing team will take an idea and turn it into a reality. We will work with you by creating a 3D Model utilizing current internal bearing constructions to rapidly respond to your needs.

Once a design is created, testing samples can be made from either CNC machining, 3D printing and/or prototype molding. This blending of technology allows us to make low or high quantity runs of unique designs, sizes and materials in a short period of time to meet the demands of a fast paced global marketplace.

Your confidence is our priority.To request prototypes or samples simply fill out our Application Review and submit or call 1-800-448-2412.

bearing prototypes

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Plastic Vs Steel

Product Integration: A plastic bearing can be mounted into other components or parts such as plastic wheels, pulleys or housings. In certain design concepts, seamless integration can be achieved where the bearing will have the pulley profile as the outer ring, and the shaft or a fixing clip replaces the inner ring . This integration lowers assembly time and also results in utilization of fewer parts, increasing affordability.

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