Roll Guide Bearings for Medical and Dental Lighting

roll guide bearingsKMS has developed a plastic ball bearing for a medical  and dental track lighting system. It is designed to be maintenance free and operate without lubrication allowing it to be non-contaminating to the surrounding environment. Plastic race bearings improve the performance and capabilities over conventional steel bearings while providing a substantial cost savings through integration.

Critical Design Features: Acetal POM plastic races fitted with 316 stainless balls. Double row, True Race Technology™ ball groove construction allows for optimum load, stiffness and moment loading capability. Outer ring profile is machined to ensure a high quality, smooth running performance. 

Additional reasons for use:

  • No lube required: the ability to run without lubrication is a benefit when cleanliness is a priority.
  • Low friction: A plastic race ball bearing will naturally have a lower coefficient of friction than a metal to metal ball bearing.
  • Weight Savings: A KMS plastic ball bearing is 1/5 the weight of a steel bearing thereby reducing the weight of your overall unit.
  • Value added capability: A KMS plastic bearing can be designed to include mounting features, gears or pulleys. This capability can reduce assembly time while improving the performance of your product.


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Plastic Vs Steel

Noise Control: Plastic has the inherent ability to dampen vibrations. Add lubrication and they become virtually silent.

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