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Bearings for MRI Patient Table Wheel Guides

A Plastic race radial ball bearing fitted with borosilicate glass balls is the only type of ball bearing used in an MRI patient table application. It is chosen for its non-metallic nature thereby being non-magnetic. This is required in the MRI application because the imaging area must remain metal free.

Critical Design features: POM, PBT, or UHMW-PE plastic races and cage fitted with borosilicate balls. Bearing construction features True Race Technology™ ball grooves for reduced friction and improved performance. UHMW-PE is used for the outer race wheel to reduce noise when the bearing wheel runs on a hard track surface.

Additional reasons for use:

  • No Lube required: Its ability to run without lubrication is a benefit when cleanliness is a priority.
  • Integration & assemblies: KMS can design a custom housing to provide a complete assembly. Spherical profiles can be designed to the outer race of the bearing to create an “all in one” bearing wheel.
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Plastic Vs Steel

Lubrication Free: Steel bearings require lubrication to reduce friction, dissipate heat and prevent corrosion. Due to the design of plastic ball bearings, there is no metal to metal contact, which results in less friction. Many times the liquids the bearings are running in can dissipate heat and act as the lubricant.

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