KMS Bearings For Medical Industry

Bearing solutions for the medical OEM & production processes

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KMS Bearings’ quality system, based on the latest ISO9001 standards, has been developed over 30 years while supplying to the world’s top medical manufacturers.  Working collaboratively with our customers, KMS develops strong processes capable of delivering high quality product to meet customer demands and industry standards.

Four Decades of Excellence

KMS’ sole focus over the past four decades has been the development and advancement of plastic & 316 stainless race ball bearing technology. Drawing from this experience, we use a collaborative approach with sales, engineering and the customer resulting in the creation of a design that best fits the application. Our experienced, technically trained personnel understand bearing and engineering principles and use the latest computer design technology and prototype services to deliver superior on time solutions.

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Plastic Vs Steel

Lubrication Free: Steel bearings require lubrication to reduce friction, dissipate heat and prevent corrosion. Due to the design of plastic ball bearings, there is no metal to metal contact, which results in less friction. Many times the liquids the bearings are running in can dissipate heat and act as the lubricant.

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