Plastic Mounted Blocks with Bearings

KMS mounted blocks are made from engineering grade glass filled PBT polyester and are completely interchangeable with conventional cast iron blocks. These maintenance free blocks have excellent mechanical strength, stiffness and dimensional stability, and never rust or corrode.


Where high standards of cleanliness are important, such as in the food industry, their smooth surfaces are much more hygienic than those of cast iron blocks where rough surfaces can harbor objectionable mold or bacteria.


Coated or plated cast iron blocks can scratch, chip and peel. Just the installation of mounting the block can chip the mounting hole edge and begin the process of corrosion. KMS solid plastic mounted blocks will not chip or peel and will never rust.


KMS blocks are used in a wide variety of industries including food processing, canning, bottling, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, marine and many general industrial applications.

Maximum in Air: 180°F; Submerged in Water: 120°F
For higher temperatures consult KMS.

Mounted Block Options

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Plastic Vs Steel

Product Integration: A plastic bearing can be mounted into other components or parts such as plastic wheels, pulleys or housings. In certain design concepts, seamless integration can be achieved where the bearing will have the pulley profile as the outer ring, and the shaft or a fixing clip replaces the inner ring . This integration lowers assembly time and also results in utilization of fewer parts, increasing affordability.

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