Sterilizable Bearings for Medical Applications

A plastic bearing made from either PBT, PVDF or PEEK can be sterilized by standard methods such as autoclave or Gamma. It’s lube free, non corroding nature makes it ideal for sterilization.

Critical Design Features: PEEK, PVDF, PBT plastic races fitted with 316 stainless balls are materials widely used in medical applications. Bearing construction features True Race Technology™ ball grooves for superior performance.  Flow-Thru Technology™  allows total sterilization of the bearing.

peek bearing

Additional reasons for use:

  • Lower friction: A plastic race bearing will naturally have a lower coefficient of friction than a metal to metal ball bearing. 
  • Reduced maintenance: A KMS bearing is designed to tolerate suspended particles without clogging.
    • Integration: A KMS plastic bearing can be designed with special shapes or profiles to better suit your application.
Material Reference:

PEEK: Polyetheretherketone  Trade name: Victrex®

PVDF: Polyvinylidene Fluoride  Trade names: Kynar, Solef

PBT Polyester:  polybutylene terephthalate. Trade name: Valox®

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Plastic Vs Steel

Shock Absorption: Plastic absorbs shock loads better than metal due to its elastic nature. Many conventional ball bearings fail due to Brinelling of the raceway, i.e. balls denting the raceways.

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