Evolution of the Thin Section Ball Bearing

Metal to Plastic Revolution

thin section ball bearings
Metal to Plastic = Cost Savings
Design in Value Added Features = Cost Savings
Application Integration = Cost Savings


Our expertise is the ability to manufacture thin section ball bearings out of engineering polymers. We provide cutting edge solutions through the use of Design, Innovation and Material selections that best fit the application.

A thin section plastic ball bearing is readily and inexpensively made from plastics compared to the traditional thin section steel ball bearing. A thin section bearing made from an engineering polymer allows engineers complete freedom to design the bearing around the device rather than attempting to design the device around a limited range of standard bearings. Additionally, a thin section polymer ball bearing has an array of features & benefits not available to traditional steel bearings.

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Value Added Features


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A KMS thin section plastic ball bearing was used to create this electronic music streaming device. The bearing gives the product the capability of rotational volume control. This is an example of an integrated bearing assembly, where the inner and outer rings have mounting features designed into them. This KMS thin section plastic ball bearing assembly is made with PBT polyester polymer compounded with an impact modifier and a VR flame retardant while maintaining the mechanical properties needed for a plastic race bearing. The rings are injection molded and ball grooves are machined for greater accuracy, performance, and life. The bearing was designed for replacement of an existing thin race steel bearing that had minimal requirement for load and speed but needed to be light weight, operate smoothly, and have integrated mounting features for space constraints.

Substantial cost and weight savings were achieved over a conventional steel bearing.

Product Integration


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Many times a bearing is mounted into another part, such as a plastic housing, pulley, sprocket, wheel or a mounted flange unit. Utilizing the design concept of an integrated plastic ball bearing, KMS Bearings, Inc. can integrate the application mating component for use as the raceway of the bearing. In this example, the outer race is integrated with the wagon wheel hub and the inner ring is designed with the existing bearing bore adapter that is mounted to a post secured with molded-in fixing clips. The end result is fewer parts, less assembly time and an overall lower cost.

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Plastic Vs Steel

Lightweight: Plastic is five times lighter than steel, thereby reducing the weight and energy to move them.

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