Bearings for Pool Cleaners

rotary jet bearingPlastic radial ball bearings are the only type of ball bearings used in underwater automatic pool cleaners. They are primarily chosen for their non-corrosive nature and the ability to run in liquids without a lubricant.

Critical Design features: POM plastic races and cage fitted with 316 stainless balls. Bearing construction features True Race Technology™ ball grooves and anti-clogging bearing designs.

underwater bearingsAdditional reasons for use:

  • Low friction: Automatic pool cleaners rely on converting energy from a pool’s intake suction or return pressure to make them move. They require a bearing that is low in friction and has low start up torque. The KMS bearing is a lightweight, no lube design with no metal to metal contact which reduces friction.
  • Part integration: A KMS bearing can be designed and manufactured as an integrated assembly that can reduce parts count, assembly time while improving performance.

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Plastic Vs Steel

Lubrication Free: Steel bearings require lubrication to reduce friction, dissipate heat and prevent corrosion. Due to the design of plastic ball bearings, there is no metal to metal contact, which results in less friction. Many times the liquids the bearings are running in can dissipate heat and act as the lubricant.

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