Bearings for Underwater Applications


KMS bearings made from engineered polymers and 316 stainless steel can run in and around water without the worry of corrosion or lubrication.  KMS polymer materials have low water absorption and offer good wear properties for long life. KMS polymer races are more forgiving than metal and allow particles to flow in and thru the bearing. KMS bearings made from food and medical grade 316 stainless have higher corrosion resistance than conventional steel or 440c stainless bearings thereby preventing rust and bearing lock up. 

FLOW-THRU TECHNOLOGY™ - KMS exclusive anti-clogging bearing design

KMS Bearings’ expertise in water flow through bearing design was developed through 30 years of experience working with robotic pool cleaners and rotating spa jet manufacturers. This expertise enables KMS to design the best bearing construction for your underwater application with confidence.

A combination of the right materials and FLOW-THRU TECHNOLOGY™ bearing design delivers superior underwater performance.

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Plastic Vs Steel

Lubrication Free: Steel bearings require lubrication to reduce friction, dissipate heat and prevent corrosion. Due to the design of plastic ball bearings, there is no metal to metal contact, which results in less friction. Many times the liquids the bearings are running in can dissipate heat and act as the lubricant.

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