Bearings for Semiconductor Applications

Bearings for Semiconductor Processing Equipment

bearings for semiconductor industryPlastic radial ball bearings are used in semiconductor processing equipment because they can operate in hostile chemicals which are required in the manufacturing and processing of silicon wafer materials. The bearings are designed to be maintenance free and operate without lubrication allowing them to be non-contaminating to the environment in which they are used. KMS plastic race ball bearings made from Kynar® or PEEK engineered polymers have proven to improve the performance and life expectancy in challenging environments over conventional steel bearings while providing a substantial cost savings from reduced downtime.

Critical Design features: Kynar® (PVDF) or PEEK plastic races fitted with either 316 stainless, borosilicate glass or ceramic balls. Features a single or double row True Race Technology™ ball groove construction for optimum load, speed and durability.

semi conductor bearingAdditional reasons for use:

  • High Heat Capability: KMS bearings made from either PEEK or Kynar® have higher heat capability (180°F to 450°F) over conventional POM plastic or steel bearings.
  • Lube-Free: Due to the natural lubricity of engineering polymers combined with the absence of metal to metal contact no lubrication is required. This ability to operate without lubrication allows the bearing to be maintenance free and non-contaminating to the environment.
  • Less Friction: Engineered polymer races fitted with either 316 stainless, glass or ceramic balls naturally have less friction than metal to metal steel race bearings.

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Plastic Vs Steel

Shock Absorption: Plastic absorbs shock loads better than metal due to its elastic nature. Many conventional ball bearings fail due to Brinelling of the raceway, i.e. balls denting the raceways.

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