Bearings for Submersible Flow Meters

 bearings for flow metersKMS plastic bearings are used in submersible flow meters where they need to operate in liquids that are corrosive to conventional steel bearings. 

Critical Design features:

  • POM, PBT, PVDF plastic races and cage
  • 316 stainless balls

Bearing construction features True Race Technology™ ball grooves and anti-clogging bearing designs.

KMS bearings are designed with materials that are highly resistant to chemical attack. When your application is fitted with a KMS bearing, the result is less wear, reduced maintenance, and longer life. 

Additional reasons for use:flow meter plastic bearing

  • Flow-Thru Technology™: Bearing construction incorporates increased clearances in all critical internal dimensions to allow for expansion and contraction of plastic. This design ensures free movement in environments that would lock up conventional bearings.
  • Mounting feature integration: A KMS bearing can be designed and manufactured as an integrated assembly that incorporates mounting features to reduce parts count and ease assembly.

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Plastic Vs Steel

Lubrication Free: Steel bearings require lubrication to reduce friction, dissipate heat and prevent corrosion. Due to the design of plastic ball bearings, there is no metal to metal contact, which results in less friction. Many times the liquids the bearings are running in can dissipate heat and act as the lubricant.

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