4 Bolt fitted with SS 316 Insert Ball Bearing

fitted four bolt flange steel bearing

KMS Bearings produces 4 Bolt Flange Blocks from PBT, a glass filled reinforced engineering polymer, that will never corrode or rust. When inserted with a KMS 316 Stainless Insert ball bearing, they provide superior corrosion resistance compared to any mounted unit offered today.


Blocks are molded from a high grade of glass-filled PBT polymer. The block's spherical bore is machined for concentricity and proper fit of the insert bearing. The last step in manufacturing is machining the solid base for flatness.


CNC machined bearing rings, polymer cages and 316 Stainless balls are used in the manufacture of KMS insert ball bearings. This type of bearing is intended primarily to reduce friction and permit free movement of turning parts. They are best suited for moderate loads and low speeds.


BLOCKS: Glass-filled PBT polymer

BEARING RINGS: 316 Stainless Steel

BALLS: Standard balls are 316 stainless. When necessary, other types of balls are available on a special order basis.

BALL RETAINER (CAGE): Polypropylene or Acetal

SHIELDS/SEALS: Open design is standard. Polymer shield/seals can be provided on a special order basis.

LUBRICATION: 316 Stainless Insert ball bearings are supplied dry.  When necessary, special order lubricants can be provided.

Minimum temperature: -31°F; Maximum in Air: 140°F; Submerged in Water: 120°F
For higher temperatures consult KMS.

stainless steel 4 bolt flange block

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Part # Bore Size Width of Inner Ring A B C E

1 1/4 in

0.709 in

107 mm

83 mm

31.5 mm

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